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 Application template

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PostSubject: Application template   03.10.08 10:28


You want to apply to MottG or MottG.W?
Nice. What a Face

Just copy and fill in the code text, and post it here or send it to me as a PM Wink


[u]Ingame name:[/u]
[u]Current Rank: [/u]
[u]Current Points: [/u]

[u]Current Fleet Rank:[/u]
[u]Current Fleet Points: [/u]

[u]Current Reseach Rank: [/u]
[u]Current Research Points: [/u]

Previous Uni 39 alliance(if applicable):

Previous Uni 39 Experience:
How would you describe your style of play?): fleeter/raider/miner..

Previous ogame experience (uni's and alliances please):

Do you know any current [u][b]MottG[/b][/u] members?
If yes, how do you know them:

What qualities will you bring to the [u][b]MottG[/b][/u] alliance and why would you be a good part of our team:

Please inform us of your hobbies/intrests and give us a little bit of personal information about you:

Last but not least: why do you want to join [u][b]MottG[/b][/u]?

'I see' said the blind man to his deaf and dumb daughter as he picked up his hammer and saw.
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Application template
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